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There is one word that summarizes Alejandro's motivational talks: EMPOWERMENT.  He believes that when athletes participate in a sport, they should truly understand that they are always in control. They are in control of making their decisions as well as being responsible for the outcome of that decision.

Because of Alejandro’s experience as an athlete, coach, public school teacher, and father, he has a good grasp on how to motivate children and young adults. He believes that everyone sees and lives their life differently. That is why he considers that the key to make everyone succeed is not to give any specific path to follow, but to show one general direction that will yield several choices and opportunities to all. That is when athletes choose the options that fit their realities best.  That is what empowerment should be about!

  • Practice of a sport is a path towards greatness … and a lot of work!

  • Self-awareness and personal attitude

  • Importance of a balance Season:  Athletics, Academics, and personal needs

  • Goal Setting: How to set a path that will lead to success

  • Team Philosophy – Be a positive asset to your team and peers    

Definitely, a one-size-fits-all model cannot address every team’s needs.  The topics mentioned above are all the main points that can be talked about.  However, the coaching staff and club administrators are the ones that should determine which are the ones that may appeal more to the athletes' needs. Therefore, these courses is as flexible as the needs of the athletes!

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